Our Affiliate Program - It pays to share!

Receive $16 for each new yearly subscriber you refer to us (year-over-year), or $2 for each new monthly subscriber (month-over-month).
Commission is paid continuously for as long as the seller's subscription is active!
How Does This Work?

Simply provide your affiliate link below to other Etsy sellers and earn money when they upgrade to a paid account. You can also post it on your website, blog or social media channels.

  • Earn $2 every month for each member that subscribes to our monthly plan.
  • Earn $16 every 12 months for each seller that subscribes to our annual plan.
  • You can request to withdraw your accumulated commission after your first 2 referrals upgrade.

REFERRALS BENEFITS: Etsians that use your affiliate link get 20% discount on the monthly plan ($8 instead of $10) and $16 discounted on the yearly plan ($80 instead of $96).

BONUS! Oh, to get you started we have already deposited $10 in your affiliate account. You will be able to redeem your commission after your first 2 referrals upgrade. That's a small gift from us to you.

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