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Please note that the automatic renewal feature is no longer supported by Etsy.
As of March 30th listings cannot be automatically renewed by any third-party service, including this one.
Automatic renewal of sold-out items is not affected by this change. Thank you for your understanding.

How to Auto-Renew Items on Etsy

Renew your items to gain better exposure for your shop listings and better positioning in search results and category pages on Etsy. Below is a step-by-step guide for automatic the renewals. You can view a more detailed description of all the options here.

Auto Renewal Steps

Step 1 - Select What Items to Renew

Renew specific items, the oldest item, random items, expired items or items based on keywords.

choose what to renew

Step 2 - Select When to Renew

Choose the time window and the dates you want the rule to be active.

schedule your renew

Step 3 - Select the Renewal Frequency

Choose how often items are renewed in minutes, hours or days.

schedule renew frequency

Step 4 - Activate the Renewal Rule

View the number of scheduled renewals and the resulting charges by Etsy before scheduling the rule.

renew summary

Schedule the Rule

Click this button to activate the rule. Please note that if step 1, 2 or 3 are incomplete, the button is disabled.

  • click to schedule renew

Manage Your Renewal Rule

Once a rule is set, you can edit, copy, disable or delete it.

  • enable disable renew rule

The importance of items renewal

When you renew a listing, your item is treated as 'newly listed'. Consequently, your item visibility is improved and it can be found more easily when someone is searching for an item like yours. Renewing items also brings them to the top of your category which can help with your Etsy store exposure.