Etsy Marketing and Social Media

The importance of auto-posting to social channels

Whether you sell your handmade goods via a physical shop or craft fairs, or favor virtual storefronts provided by websites such as Etsy, there are marketing efforts you need to take. Marketing your items will help you gain the necessary social exposure and show your items to potential online buyers.

To assist with the growth of your business in a cost-effective way you should use automated tools to do the marketing job for you. Virtually all small businesses have a difficult time in the beginning, but craft businesses may have it tougher than some. Advertising on social networks is amongst the most cost-efficient ways of getting your name out there.

Using SellerMarketingTool's automated social posting tool, you can significantly increase your exposure and visibility on Pinterest, Facebook, and even Etsy, which will in turn help you drive traffic to your shop and boost sales. In less than 2 minutes you can set rules to do the auto-pinning on Pinterest for you, without ever doing any manual work. Set it once and forget about it - our system will do the rest for you!

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