Privacy Policy

1. Code of Conduct values your privacy and as such we follow a strict privacy policy. All information supplied by our members is used solely by for communication purposes and to render our services.

Information you provide, such as email address, facebook connectivity permission or other personal information is only used for providing you with the services we offer. We do not share this information with outside parties.

2. Data Collection

We use technologies like cookies (small files stored on your browser) or unique device identifiers to identify your computer or device so we can deliver a better experience.

Our systems may associate this personal information with your activities in the course of providing service to you (such as posting items on your Facebook timeline or things you click on or search for).

3. Facebook Platform Integration

This Application may ask for some Facebook permissions allowing it to perform actions with the User's Facebook account. We do not use any data or personal information from your Facebook profile, for activities outside the scope of this application.

For more information about the following permissions, refer to the Facebook permissions documentation and to the Facebook privacy policy.

The permissions asked are the following:

Publish Actions

Publish actions allows us to post your Etsy items (photos and titles), as well as system-generated videos directly to your Facebook page(s). We do not perform any other action on your Facebook account.

Data Being Processed

By using this application:

  1. 1. Users can post their Etsy product images on their Facebook page(s) along with associated text to describe the product. Users can also request a link back to the product's page on Etsy.
  2. 2. Users can also post videos, that SellerMarketingTool generates for their products, on their Facebook page(s). The videos SellerMarketingTool generates are based on the product images as they appear on the Etsy platform, for each specific listing.

You, the user, can trigger the posting of product images and/or videos manually, or pre-schedule such posts for later date/time. When posts are pre-scheduled, our system will take care of the actual posting at the designated date/time.


The purpose of SellerMarketingTool's integration with Facebook is to allow Etsy sellers to share their products on the Facebook pages(s) they own.

By doing so, SellerMarketingTool is helping business owners to gain more traffic and interest from users of the Facebook platform, and eventually to help them with improving brand awareness and/or product sales.

4. Pinterest Platform Intergration

This Application may ask for your permission to connect to your boards, solely for the purpose of saving newly created pins. We do not pull your email address or any other personal data from your Pinterest profile.

We take your privacy seriously and do not share any of your Pinterest information with any other entity.

5. Twitter Platform Intergration

This Application may ask for your permission to tweet your Etsy items on your behalf. We do not pull your email address or any other personal data from your Twitter profile.

We do not tweet details of your items voluntarily. If you wish to use our application for tweeting, you need to explicitly use our Social Promotion feature in order to post a tweet.

You can also use our Social Promotion feature to set automatic tweeting of your items. The automatic tweeting will pull random items from your Etsy shop and will tweet them according to the frequency you set.

6. Location

We do not collect, use or share your geographic location.

7. Contact

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, please contact us.

This privacy policy was last updated on 2023-07-03.