Few words about us...

In 2014, our journey began with just one tool in hand, while we were based in Toronto. Initially, our focus was on providing Etsy sellers with an auto-relisting bot to enhance their listings on the platform.

This tool quickly gained traction among Etsy sellers, becoming a go-to solution for improving visibility in search results. Although it's no longer available due to changes in Etsy's platform, our evolution as a company has been marked by significant progress.

Listening closely to feedback from Etsy sellers, we've expanded our arsenal of tools over the years and remain committed to further enhancements in the future. Now, we're thrilled to introduce our redesigned site and are eager for you to explore its new features.

As dedicated developers, we're continually brainstorming ways to enrich our toolset and offer additional services to support Etsy shop marketing initiatives.

In 2022, we relocated to Tel Aviv, Israel, where we now operate. Nestled in a vibrant city known for its sunshine and delectable cuisine, we're excited for the next chapter of our journey.

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