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Free Etsy Photos Backup & Restore

Automatic daily backup of Etsy photos

It is essential for every business to always back up important information. Being able to recover from a system or hard drive failure is a must-have option for any business owners. Files may become corrupted or wiped out by a hardware problem or simply accidentally deleted. Not being able to restore lost files or images can be very troubling and be the cause for many lost hours.

As an Etsy seller, your photos are probably your most important asset (after your physical items, of course). Without them, the attractiveness of your items drops drastically, if not entirely.

This is why we have created the automatic photos backup tool - which is free for all our members! Activate it with a click of a button and we'll do the rest. Every day we identify new images for all your active listings and back them up. With a simple to use interface, you can always download specific images or all the images for a given listing.

Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve and start using our photos backup today. It is forever free for all our members!

View the photo backup and restore tool to learn more.

Once your photos are backed up, you can restore all the photos for a given listing, or just the individual photos you need.

How to Use the Backup & Restore Tool

1. Click the activate button to start the Etsy photos backup tool. Once the first backup finishes, an email is sent to you.

etsy backup activation

2. To restore all the photos for a listing, click the 'download' icon next to the listing title.

restore all etsy photos

3. To restore individual photos of a listing, click the 'download' icon below the desired photo.

restore individual etsy photos

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