Improve Conversion with Eye-Catching Stickers

Make Your Items Pop

Setting sale events on Etsy is a common practice to improve your items positioning and attract visitors. However, you can improve your sales even more by adding a matching sticker to all your items on sale. Adding bright stickers help set you apart from your competition.

Use SellerMarketingTool Stickers and Banners tool to add any one of the 90+ pre-loaded stickers to your listing images in bulk. You can also upload your own stickers and use them. It is as simple as 1-2-3.

Sample stickers at your disposal...

With our tool, you can also set the size of the sticker over your images, the sticker location (top-right, top-left,...) and the duration to keep the sticker on the images.

SellerMarketingTool processes will add the sticker to all the items of your choosing as well as remove the sticker at the end date you have set.

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