13 Jun, 2023

Beat The Competition on Etsy

Every small business owner that has a handmade venture on Etsy is searching for ways to sell more, sell better and sell smarter.

As the Etsy marketplace grows, consumers enjoy a wide variety of products to choose from, from a growing number of sellers. From the consumer point of view, this is an advantage. However, for sellers, the ability to stand out from the crowd becomes more and more difficult over time.

Different tactics can help Etsians with promoting their products: social media marketing, Etsy shop SEO, shop videos, item description tune-ups and more. Still, all of these tactics require a lot of effort on a daily basis, and many of the Etsy sellers don’t have the necessary resources or understanding to deal with all the tasks required to carry out these operations.

In my attempts to find solutions to these obstacles, I found a service that helps Etsy shop owners manage and market their shops automatically. Although this service started three years ago just as an automatic items renewal, it has grown to become much more than that.

The service, called SellerMarketingTool, was developed by two friends - a web developer and a marketing professional. Below is my interview with the founders.

Can you tell me about your service? What does it do?

In short, our service helps Etsy sellers gain more exposure, increase their sales and manage their inventory in a smart way.

As a former Etsy seller myself, I tried to tackle the main difficulties any seller has, meaning, improving their ranking in search results, being able to offer discounts, ensure items never run out from the shop and being able to market their items off Etsy as well. To answer all these needs, we created a set of tools that automate these processes, so that sellers won’t need to spend time on marketing efforts and instead can focus on creating their items and being more productive.

Can you give me few examples of your services?

Sure. As item recency is a factor in Etsy search algorithm, let’s discuss item renewal first. Etsy sellers can set specific top-selling items to renew automatically at specific times of the day, at any day of the week they choose and at any given interval (in minutes, hours or days). They can renew random items every 2 hours for a full month, or cycle through a list of specific items they choose and renew each one every 30 minutes. These are just examples of course. Sellers have full flexibility over what and when they wish to renew.

Another popular feature we have is our Sale Event Manager. This tool is proven to increase sales by 15%-36% for our SellerMarketingTool sellers. With our Sale Event Manager, a seller can place specific shop sections (or individual items) on sale, choose dates for the sale event, set a discount for each item and choose from a variety of sale and holiday banners to go on top of products' images to catch the attention of Etsy shoppers.

At the end of the sale period, our system reverts all the items to their original state, so the seller does not need to hassle around with doing this strenuous work. We currently have thousands of items on sale, which our system manages on a daily basis.

Can sellers try SellerMarketingTool.com for free?

Absolutely. We provide a 14-day trial period to Etsy sellers and encourage them to use all the features. We take pride in our customer service and do our best to help sellers become even more successful.

If you're looking to stand out from the competition and automate your Etsy marketing, you've come to the right place.

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