Social Media Promotion

How to drive traffic to your Etsy shop using social automation

Social media promotion is a major part of how you draw new customers to your Etsy store!

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram -- you wish that you had time to do it all. But, between managing your Etsy shop, creating your products, and social media promotion on top of it all, there just aren’t enough hours in the day!

Often, your social posts about new listing products only happen when you have a spare minute or two to promote them. It’s clear that you need a tool that allows for faster and more efficient social media promotion.

With our social media promotion feature, you can easily set rules to post your items across Pinterest and Twitter on auto-pilot. You can also schedule your posting on Facebook in advance and free your time and mind from this mundane activity. Consistently posting your unique items on your social media channels will grow your follower base, and increase your exposure and brand awareness - eventually leading to more sales.

You can also keep your customers interested with a single item post or a collage of 4 items.

The social media share tool automatically attaches a link to your Etsy shop - making it easy for your customers to visit your listing if they’re interested.

Seller Tip: You can set email reminders to keep your social media shares organized and on schedule. Never miss another opportunity to share your unique products across Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter!

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