01 Aug, 2023

Tag Tool

It's almost Mother's Day, and you know last minute shoppers are on Etsy looking for unique gifts for the most important lady in their life.

It's clear that tagging your items in your Etsy shop with the tag, "Mother's Day", will help drive sales on your products. But adding all of those tags individually on each item can be time-intensive (and you just don't have the time for that right now). Not to mention removing those tags once the holiday or special day has passed.

It's an Etsy recommended practice to match your tags in sync with various holidays, and other searchable keywords. In marketing, we call this "SEO" (Search Engine Optimization). Products that have more detailed keywords and are better suited to customer searches are statistically going to sell better than those that don't rank as high in the search feed.

Tool that helps to add or remove tags in bulk could be invaluable. Imagine if you could add the tag, "Mother's Day" across 100+ products in your shop with one simple change using an online tool. And what if you could add tags in conjunction with bulk price changes or sales?

Now, there is no need to change each listing in your shop manually, and the end result is more sales while saving hours of your time.

Seller Tip: Use the tag tool to experiment with tags on your items. You can try different tags on two similar items to see which perform better in terms of sales (which sells faster). In marketing, we call this A/B testing. Strategy development for your shop to have better search engine optimization is invaluable to your bottom line. It can be the difference between your Etsy shop being a hobby and being a full-time business.

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