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Add Stickers/Banners to Etsy Listings

Adding stickers or banners to your Etsy listings is a great way to attract visitors attention.

Some of the stickers are best used when combined with setting a sale on Etsy. For example, you can set a 10% sale on Etsy and then add your favorite '10% Sale' sticker from our collection of stickers.

Setting up a sticker on your images is definitely something you should consider during high-holidays, on weekends, on special days of the year and every once in a while. For example, owners of jewelry shops should set a sale on Valentine's Day and use one of our stickers to attract attention.

We offer our own stickers and sale banners, but you can upload your own as well. Uploaded stickers/banners must be in PNG format with transparent background. You can also set the position of the sticker/banner on your main image (you can choose between few pre-defined placements).

Our Stickers and Banners tool is a robust and easy-to-use feature. It is offered to all our members, whether they are on their trial period or paying members.

Here are few of the pre-defined stickers you can use, followed by some of our banners:

Here are some of our banners, and you can upload your own as well.

Few things to know about our sticker/sale events:

  • Running a sale event or adding a sticker does not increase your Etsy bill.
  • Sticker/sale events can be scheduled in advance to any future date.
  • You can choose what shop sections and/or specific items to include in the sticker/sale event.
  • You can choose what items to exclude.
  • You can choose what call-to-action sticker/banner to add to your main image. There are few options to choose from.
  • You can choose where the sticker/banner will be positioned on the image.
  • You can stop a sticker/banner event once it is active. Our system will then start reverting the items to their original state.
  • And more...

An example for managing a sticker/sale event

  • schedule your renew

Adding Banners with Old/New Pricing

  • Other than the above stickers/banners, sellers can choose to use a banner that shows the old price along with the discount percentage. If you decide to add a call-to-action like shown below, it will be added at the position you chose, and will also help attract more viewers.

    You can choose where the banner will be positioned on the image: above image, on-top, middle, 3/4 down or bottom.

    etsy on sale

    The item detail page would look like this:

    etsy on sale